More tear down option to build Minneapolis New Construction Homes

Throughout the Minneapolis Lakes Area which includes Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun, Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles there has been a renaissance of new construction homes being built.  As owners that have lived in homes around the lakes for well over 30 years begin to move out younger families are taking these dated properties and breathing new life into the neighborhoods with Minneapolis new construction homes and rehabs.

There are a number of reasons buyers are coming to the table right now to buy.  Some Minneapolis Condo owners are moving up trading their loft or condo for a lot to build on or buying a remodel from a builder.  With access to some great lots and tear downs in Minneapolis buyers can find the perfect location before they set about building a new house.  There are many buyers that are making the decision to move closer into the city in urban areas to cut down on their commute as well as giving access to amenities like dining, shopping and grocery stores.  Still other buyers are moving from out of state into the twin cities and want to stick to an urban area as they are familiar with living in this type of setting before they made the move.

Many buyers are drawn close to the Minneapolis Lakes Area for the access to parks, bike trails and water related activities on the lakes.  All of the lakes within the chain of lakes are prohibited from motorized water craft but that doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying all other types of activities on the lakes.  Throughout the warmer parts of the year its not uncommon to see wind surfing, kayak and canoeing as well as plenty of people enjoying the many beaches that dot the Minneapolis Lakes Area.

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